Tenebromancy, or Shadow Magic, is a dark grey form of magic. It creates and manipulates a “dark force” that science cannot explain and which functions in some ways like energy and some ways like matter. Tenebromancy spells usually involve blocking the senses or interfering with the target’s ability to function in other ways. Despite the claims of some persons, Tenebromancy is no more inherently “evil” than Elementalism is. One thing is known, however; messing with dark energies permanently changes the wizard. The effect of that change can only be estimated.

Cost Item Notes
10 +5 Ego (Max 20)
5 +5 Intelligence (Max 20)
3 Magic Skill: Tenebromancy (Ego) (Required for Casting)
3 +4 PER with Normal Sight (8A) (Only to offset Darkness penalties; -½)
3 Inventor (Spell Design) (Int)
5 50pt Endurance Reserve (Mana Potential)
1 1pt Endurance Reserve Recovery (Mana Recovery) ry)

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