Things You Know About Your Assignment

Over the last few years, you all came to SHIELD through one path or another. One at a time, you were interviewed by Victoria Hand, and assigned to a service division and branch. For most of you, this was fieldwork for one of the many SHIELD bases around the world.

Last year because of your outstanding service, your SO (Supervising Officer) put you forward for acceptance into a top-secret project within SHIELD: Project Valhalla.

Project Valhalla was a multi-agency black budget project which included the design of a new class of Helicarrier, with more advanced and independently operating teams, overseen by a Level Eight SHIELD Officer, allowing for rapid deployment wherever they are needed. For this new class of ’carrier, a new team formation was born, a multidisciplinary cross-trained squad capable of a variety of missions with minimal oversight. The Squad Commanders would be given a lot of leeway in how they ran their teams as long as the public was not put at undue risk, and laws were not broken.

This enhanced flexibility was further enhanced, when SHIELD officially started open recruitment of Augmented Agents; those of Alien, Mutant, and Inhuman birth. As long as their first Loyalty was to the Agency, SHIELD did not discriminate.

And so, three months ago, you were assigned to your team onboard the first of the new Asgard-class Helicarriers, the prototype, the proof of concept. The first vessel to have the unilateral freedom of Movement granted by Project Valhalla.

You were advised to put your affairs in order, as The job of the Bifrost (as the Helicarrier was named) was far more dangerous than mere fieldwork. The Bifrost, because of its intensely skilled and capable crew, was to be sent to deal with problems that normal agents would not be able to handle.

One month ago, the Bifrost was officially commissioned, in secret, under the command of Area Commander Timothy Aloysius Cadwallader Dugan. Its crew were introduced to Commander Dugan, and his command staff; Senior Commanders Melinda May (Combat Division), Jemma Simmons (Technical Division – Medical), Leopold Fitz (Technical Division – Engineering), Alphonso MacKenzie (Vehicle Division), Daisy Johnson (Intelligence Division – Technical Intelligence), Grant Ward (Intelligence Division – Undercover Operations), Michael Hawthorn (Head of Magical Research),. and Lance Hunter (Wilderness Division). You met your Teammates and went into a training scenario facing against goons of Hydra.

Yesterday, the Bifrost officially started its Maiden Voyage, with you all on board.

Since launch, it has been disseminated to you that your mission is in fact a cross-dimensional one. You are to travel dimensions and make friends. Quite why that is… No one is saying. But at least your first jaunt was successful. You made an alliance with the SHIELD organisation in what has been recorded on the Ships Log as “The Transformerverse”. You even have one of the Cybertronians on board the Bifrost with you, though with how intent your mechanics are to take Balder apart and “fix” him, how long that alliance stays is questionable.

Things You Know About Your Assignment

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