Undercover Agent Specialist

Cost Item Notes
5 +5 Presence (Max 20)
3 Acting (Pre)
3 Conversation (Pre)
3 Disguise (Int)
3 High Society (Pre)
3 Persuasion (Pre)
3 Seduction (Pre)
3 Shadowing (Int)
2 Perk: Deep Cover
2 Perk: Concealed Weapons Permit

Armour Replacement
Replace Standard Issue Armour with:
Undercover Armour: 6/6 Armour, IIF, IND, Real Armour, No Mass, Locations 6-18 Only, Incudes a Quick Change option, and built in Radio Transciever.

Replace Standard Issue Helmet with:
Undercover Glasses: No Armour, but includes Earwig Radio, and all other Helmet Functions.

Equipment Replacement
Undercover Combat Utility Equipment (Same Statistics, but built into hidden pouches/pockets’)

Replace Plasma Projector with:
Drug Pouch:
Multipower: 5pts
Drugs and Venoms
Truth Serum: 1d6 Suppress Ego and Presence (at the same time), Cumulative x16, 3 Continuing Charges lasting 20 Minutes, IIF, IND, Fragile. (1u/4)
Slow Acting Lethal Poison: 1 Pip RKA, NND, NND Does Body, Extra Time (Onset Time) 1 Hour, Cumulative x32, 3 Continuing Charges lasting 5 Minutes, IIF, IND, Fragile. (1u/4)
Antidote Pills:
Truth Serum Immunity Pill: 6pts Power Defense, Only Vs Truth Serum, 4 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Week, IIF, IND, Fragile. (1u/4)
Lethal Poison Antidote: LS: Immunity to SHIELD Slow Acting Lethal Poison, 4 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Week, IIF, IND, Fragile. (1u/1)

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Undercover Agent Specialist

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