A character with this Disadvantage takes extra damage from a particular attack form. The value of this Disadvantage depends on two things. The first is how common or frequent the attack form is. The player should determine this with the help of the GM, since the frequency of a certain type of attack varies from campaign to campaign. If the campaign is a high-tech Science Fiction game, energy blasters might be common, while in a Fantasy setting they would be non-existent (and therefore not worth any points). The GM determines how common different types of attacks are in his campaign.

The second factor is what multiple of regular damage the character takes. Standard Vulnerabilities multiply the damage by 1½; alternatively, characters can take two times (2x) damage for a larger Disadvantage. This multiplier applies to either the STUN or BODY of the attack — the character chooses which when he buys the Disadvantage. It’s possible for a character to take a STUN Vulnerability and BODY Vulnerability to an attack by buying the Disadvantage twice.

The damage a character takes is multiplied by the Vulnerability multiplier before the character applies any defenses — if he’s Vulnerable to an attack, it’s going to hurt. (A Vulnerability to BODY does not affect Knockback, which is still determined just from the BODY rolled.) Vulnerability does not have any effect on the Active Points of a power for purposes of Dispel or the like.

A character can have a Vulnerability to attacks that do not do literal “damage” — like continuing effect Mental Powers, Flashes, and Presence Attacks. The value for such a Vulnerability is determined normally (i.e., it’s based on the level of Vulnerability Multiplier and the commonness of the attack). When attacked by the attack form, the character multiplies the dice of effect by the Vulnerability Multiplier, and then uses this new total to determine the level of effect.

Value The Attack is
5 Uncommon
10 Common (a group of Uncommon attacks, or a single Common attack)
15 Very Common (a group of Common attacks)
Value Vulnerability Multiplier
+0 x1½ (Target takes 1½x damage)
x2 x2 (Target takes 2x damage)

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